You know you're a baker when...

  • You have at least one scar on your hand or arm from taking things out of the oven

  • You watch baking competitions on TV and see them sweating over their worktop and think 'I could do that blindfold' 

  • You ask for baking related presents for your birthday and christmas, or you don't even ask you just get given them anyway

  • You have a few fail safe recipes you could bust out with your eyes closed!

  • You're always converting cups to grams

  • You used to be a size 8

  • You own loads of cook books yet still find yourself Googling recipes all the time

  • Every ingredient you see has potential

  • You've become 'that' friend who always brings cake over when visiting, and when one time you don't everyone is genuinely shocked

  • The only videos you get tagged in on Facebook are to do with cooking and maybe the occasional funny cat 

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December 05, 2017


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  • You've started using baking terminology in everyday conversation... e.g. 'Lets sugar coat it', and 'I'm just going to whip round there'

  • The only people you follow on social media are baking blogs, cake shops, famous chefs,
    and funny cats

  • You could easily spend a few hours in your local craft shop

  • You're running out of kitchen space, and you can't open your cupboard door without ingredients falling on your head

  • You'll find any excuse to make cake, 'It's my hampster's half birthday...'

  • Packet mix WHAT??

  • You have at least 3 different types of sugar in your cupboard right now

Hi everyone!

Thanks for reading, I wanted to write a funnier post about baking,
and these are things that definitely apply to me! 
Can you tell I'm a cat person from reading this haha?!
Anyway, I'd love to know if you have any ideas on your own baking traits,
leave a comment below or send me an email!