Serving suggestions are a guide and may vary depending on how the cake is cut and portioned out.
Cupcakes do not need to be refrigerated, however please keep somewhere cool.

For cakes it is essential they are kept in the fridge for as long as possible until they are cut,
(you may need to take shelves out of your fridge to be able to store the cake).

They can be out for around two hours, before cutting (unless the weather is extremely hot).

Once the cake is cut does not need to be kept refrigerated.
The cake will go stale if exposed to air, please keep in an airtight container or wrap in cling film.
The cake will be fresh for 5 days from the date of collection, however will still be good to eat for much longer if stored correctly.
Please always keep out of direct sunlight and particularly hot areas, as your cake will begin to melt. 



Payment information will be explained during your consultation or email/message thread and may differ slightly from the following instructions but in general this is the standard procedure:
For orders under £50 payment is required in full when the order is placed. 

For orders over £50 a deposit of £30 is required, for orders over £100 a higher deposit may be required this will be specified by our representative when making the booking. 
If you prefer you can pay the total amount in full, otherwise the remaining balance is due:
(if paying by cash) on collection/delivery or
(if paying by bank transfer) on the day, minimum of 1 hour before the cake has been collected or delivered to ensure the funds have gone through.
You may wish to take a screenshot of the transferred funds to send to us, or for your own records,( please make sure none of your personal/banking information is visible).



Once a cake has been collected it is the responsibility of the customer, please follow our storage advice and drive carefully.

To transport the cake, we advise putting it in the car boot or the footwell, making sure there are no objects nearby that can damage it while in transit.
Please have your A/C on to ensure the cake stays cool in hot weather.

We cannot be held liable for any damages to the cake or products we have delivered once we have delivered or delivered and set up the cake at the venue or delivery location.
Delivery is charged per mile there and back. Set up fees for tiered cakes may also apply.



Our Goods may contain non-edible ingredients or decorations, such as plastic dowels in tiered cakes or fresh flowers. 



Please discuss any allergies or special dietary requirements with us before making payment. We offer various dietary options, however, our products may contain traces of soya and nuts as they are used in the same kitchen.

Unless stated otherwise ALL our cakes contain egg, wheat, and dairy.



The images on the website are examples of our cakes. All our products are hand made and can be ordered in different sizes from those shown on the website, your cake may have variations from the website image.



In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged or is damaged upon collection, it is the customer’s responsibility to report the damage to us within 48 hours and send photographic evidence of the damage within 7 working days if you wish to claim a refund or replacement.
The Seller will not take back any undamaged goods from the Buyer unless agreed in writing by the Seller.
The Seller accepts no liability for cakes that are damaged after they have been delivered to the agreed location. For cakes delivered to venues, the Seller requires a signed delivery note by the person in charge to say that the cake has arrived and that it arrived in perfect condition.
Cakes collected from Miss Muffin Bakery 126 St. Georges Drive Watford WD19 5HD require a signed delivery note by the person in charge to say that the the goods are correct as per your order specifications and undamaged.
Damages after this point are not Miss Muffin's responsibility. All Miss Muffin Bakery wedding cakes are fragile and require care and attention when handling, storing, and displaying. Please pay careful attention to our storage and transportation (where relevant) instructions that will be provided with the cake.
Where samples of the Goods are shown to the Buyer, the Buyer hereby accepts that they consider such samples to be representative of the Goods. Any description applied to the Goods is only given by way of identification and does not constitute a sale by description. Any image provided as part of the description of similar goods is given for illustrative purposes only. Given the nature of the goods, minor variations of colour and design may apply.