How to Design a Bespoke Cake

At Miss Muffin, we understand how important it is to get the perfect cake for your birthday party, celebration or event. This is why we strive to provide the highest quality products, custom-made to your specifications.
If you're looking for the perfect personalised, cake look no further. 

Here is some useful advice on ordering a bespoke cake.

Things to think about:

Who Is The Cake For? 

The gender, age and culture of the person your cake is for, are some really good indicators of what they might really like! 


Do you love pink?
Can you just not get enough of chocolate...

Favourite colours, flavours and even shapes are great places to start when thinking about cake design.  

The Event

A wedding, birthday, engagement, baby shower, corporate party, graduation, leaving party and many more ocaisions.
We can cater for all types of event, get in touch to find a cake
perfect for your celebration.

Is your cake for a Harry Potter fanatic?

Or for that friend who just loves golf...

You can make your cake even more special by tailoring it specifically to their favourite thing!

Dietary Requirements?

Gluten free, dairy free, or vegan cakes are extremely popular at the moment. 

Whether it's for health reasons or just personal preference, we can make cakes with any specifications which taste just as good, or even nicer than your classic cake.

How Many People Need Cake?

This is a very important question to be asking yourself!
The last thing you want is for guests to go without any cake...
See our size guide for help.

Type Of Cake

Cake, cupcakes or BOTH?
Single tier or multiple tiers...

Again this is important to think about so you know how many people you'll need to feed.
Also the style and theme of what you want to achieve is greatly affected by the size, number of tiers, and quantity of cake/cupcakes.

We can make all types of cake and are happy to advise you on any ideas you may have.
Check out our range of cakes, cupcakes and carousel cakes...


Would you like a name and/or age on the birthday cake? 
Do you need branding of your business to be visible
(and edible) on your cupcakes?
Cake toppers are extremely popular at the moment, you can either have one with a pre-made message,
e.g Congratulations or Happy Birthday.
Or for a little extra you can have a unique message made especially for your cake.
The best thing about a cake topper is that once the cake has been finished you can wash it and keep it forever as a memory of that day!

Get Inspired

Make your cake unique and stand out from the crowd!
Here are some super easy ways to get inspiration for your bespoke cake or cupcakes:

Google, Google, GOOGLE!

Images you find on your search engine are a really simple way to get some primary ideas for your order. 

Social Media

​Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are amazing places to find creative examples of beautiful cakes and cupcakes. You can send us links to any pages you find useful or any pictures you really like.

Friends and Family

If your cake is a gift or surprise, you may be able to speak to people close to the recipient to find out their likes and dislikes.
Also talking to those closest to you is a great way to brainstorm as they might have made, or ordered cakes in the past!

Phone us!

We are experienced specialists in all things cake.
You can order directly over the phone or simply call us to ask a question.
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